The process of creating a customized concrete design goes through many stages:

The First Step is to prepare a framework to receive the concrete. During the mixing process, the concrete is colored to the client’s specification and is delivered to the site where it is pumped into the frame. Then it is leveled and smoothed with two by fours and trowels.

The Second Step is a process of bringing the concrete to a perfectly smooth, almost glassy sheen. In this way the concrete is prepared to receive the stamped pattern that has been selected for the installation.

The Third Step is where the transformation takes place. If there is external color to be added, these powders are placed on and troweled into the wet concrete. Templates are placed on the still wet concrete and patterns are stamped into the surface.

The Final Step is when the chemical treatments are pressure washed from the surface of the concrete and a protective sealant is sprayed on. This sealant serves to brighten the hardscape and protect it from stains and weathering.

The short video below walks you through the entire concrete pouring, coloring and stamping process in 5 minutes!